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GMX 49cc Complete 2 Stroke Motor

Feature: * Complete 49cc, 2 stroke engine for replacement with our YA49B Model Q..


GMX 70cc-110cc Quad Bike Magneto

Fit: * Fit all standard 70cc-110cc Quad bikes * Direct factory replacement w..


GMX Voltage Regulator/Rectifier 12V New

Fit: * Direct replacement with all of our 90cc, 110cc & 125cc ATV/ Dirt Bike..


Tiandi Magneto High Performance

Tiandi Magneto High Performance Feature: This product is of built-in magnetic rot..


GMX CDI Capacitive Discharge Ignition

Feature: * CDI-Electrical device that controls spark and timing. * Used in 4..


GMX 70cc-250cc Quad Bike Magneto Quad

Fit: * Fit all standard 90cc, 110cc and 125cc dirt and quad bikes * Direct f..


Engines, Parts, Clutches & Electrical