About Us

GMX, established in 1996, is a leading designer, manufacturer and importer of quality off-road dirt bikes and quad bikes/ATVs.

Our aim is to be the best off-road dirt bike and quad bike/ATV supplier in Australia.

We constantly review and improve our products to ensure we are using components and designs that deliver great performing, reliable and safe products. Our own Quality Assurance staff oversee production to ensure GMX’s standards for quality are always achieved.

The GMX difference?

All of our products are designed and specified to meet the demands of our unique conditions and customers.

Independent Quality inspection at our factories.

Frames specified with thicker tube walls for superior durability and stability.

Upgraded Engines that deliver reliable and lasting performance.

Components – upgraded electrics, drive-trains, suspension, steering and brakes.

Supported by a specialized Customer Service and Technical team, 24/7.

Complete range of Spare Parts and Accessories.

The best warranty terms and an Australia wide support network.

All at great value!

GMX has built its reputation on providing reliable, durable & superior performing products with an uncompromising emphasis on Quality and Value.

Supported by specialized Customer Service, Warranty and parts, GMX is the choice for off road Dirt Bike and Quad bike enthusiasts.