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Buy Motorcycle Gear Online from GMX Motorbikes

If you want to remain safe while tearing up the dirt on your bike, you need to buy motorcycle gear online from a reliable and experienced manufacturer. Below, we offer some advice to help you choose the right clothing and equipment for your child before explaining why you needn’t look any further than us when you want to purchase gear.

Tips Regarding Kid’s Motorbike Gear

Many people make mistakes when purchasing motorcycle gear, especially regarding dirt bikes where safety must be a top priority. Here are some useful pointers so that you can avoid doing the same:

  • Don’t neglect to purchase dirt bike boots: It’s surprising how many riders invest heavily in pants and jerseys but don’t bother buying a rugged pair of protective boots. The right footwear is essential for absorbing impacts from sudden twists and bumps during off-road tours. If you want to mitigate the risk of sprained and broken ankles, don’t forget about boots!
  • Make sure the helmet fits correctly: Don’t purchase a helmet just because it’s a good deal or you assume your child will grow into it. Wearing a helmet that fits correctly is essential for your youngster’s safety. If the helmet is too loose, there will be a gap that allows room for the head to move upon impact; too tight, and you’ll compromise the helmet’s ability to protect your child.
  • Choose pants and jerseys that are a perfect fit: Just as it’s essential to buy helmets that perfectly fit your child’s head, you need to purchase protective clothing that achieves the same purpose. When buying pants, knee room, waist size and leg length are the primary factors you need to consider. If you need advice, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Benefits Motorcycle Clothing in Australia by GMX Motorbikes

Some advantages of choosing GMX motorbikes for your machines, parts, clothing and gear include:

  • We can adjust clothing to ensure a perfect fit: As mentioned above, it’s essential to purchase pants and jerseys that are a proper fit. We can fine-tune our gear to suit your child’s needs, maximising protection while they’re tearing up the dirt.
  • We offer extended warranties: If you experience problems with your gear and we’re to blame, we’ll give you a refund or replace your products for free within 12 months. Customer satisfaction is one of our main priorities.
  • We have a large showroom: If you want to view our products in person before purchasing, we welcome you to visit our two-floored showroom. 90% of our products are available to view and buy online, but we understand that many people would like to discuss their options and needs with an advisor in person, so feel free to visit us.

Why Trust GMX Motorbikes Regarding Motorcycle Jackets in Australia

At GMX Motorbikes, we’re just as passionate about dirt biking as you are, which is why we take pride in manufacturing some of the best quality machines, gear and clothing in the nation with safety and performance in mind. If you have any questions, need advice or want to order over the phone, get in touch with our professionals.